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 Wisconsin Aviation is upgrading our flight school scheduling system from the current Online Recourse Manager to Flight Schedule Pro.  We are planning on having the new system in place with the next 7-10 days in Madison, followed by Watertown and Juneau.  Please do not make any changes to the schedule on Flight Schedule Pro until you have received official notice that we have completely made the switch.  Continue to use the current schedule until further notification.

 Please follow the link below and sign up for an account.  I will be approving each user as soon as possible.  After you have been approved please log back in and fill out all relevant pilot and personal information.

 You may also download the app which is currently available iPad’s and iPhone’s.

 Sign up link:

Login In Link:

 Knowledge base and help link:

 Link for iPad/iPhone app:

 Thank you for your prompt signup.  Feel free to contact either myself or Kelsey in Madison with any questions that you may have.

 Beau Serchen


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